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TS System

Why TS Implant

User convenient design

Its unique design enables easy depth
control as well as excellent primary stability

Various options

Various diameter and length options
allow practitioners to provide patients
with less invasive treatment

Quick but safe surgery

Surgical drills with excellent cutting force
and stopper allow quick and easy surgery
preventing bone heating

User convenient design


Ø3.0, Ø3.5

Ø4.0, Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø6.0, Ø7.0

With only 2 platforms For all diameters

Various options

Used for securing initial stability in soft bone
Used for immediate placement after extraction of molar
3.0 Fixture
Used for narrow interdental area
Extra Short
Used for insufficient vertical height

Body Type

Straight Implant

Less sensitive to bone density and drilling

1.5° Taper

Immediate and early loading Good initial stability

6° Taper

Optimised for Sinus lift and soft bone

Quick but safe surgery

1. No need of depth control
Thanks to stopper drills, you don't have to check the depth of drilling the depth of drilling
2. No need of pilot drill
Multi stepped design drill enable shortened drilling sequence without pilot drills
Excellent Cutting Force
Prevent Bone Heating
Multi Stepped Design

Simple drilling sequence

Marking Drill
Initial Drill
1st Drill(F3.5)
2nd Drill(F4.5)
Final Drill(F5.0)

With Osstem TSIII Implant and the corresponding Kits,
I am able to set the implants even at low bone quality.
Due to the conical design and self-tapping thread,
good primary stability can be achieved

Clinically Proven SA Surface

With Osstem TSIII Implant patient had a very low
implant failure and a very small physiological
marginal bone remodeling within one year after loading,
drastically reducing the risk of peri-implanttitis.

Dr. Marco Tallarico



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