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With the combination of stopper and its unique drill, easy and safe window formation is available



Bone chips and bone lid gathered during the drilling procedure minimizes direct touch of the drill to the membrane and prevent damage to membrane


Two options

Depending on the condition of the patient and the preference of the clinician, two drill options, Dome drill and Core Drill,  are available

Lateral Approach Sinus KIT for Quick and Safe Lifting of the Sinus Membrane by Creating a Window

Placing dental implants in the posterior maxilla can be a particularly challenging surgical procedure due to the reduced bone height attributed to the presence of the sinus. Osstem Implant ’s Lateral Approach Sinus Kit, or LAS Kit, is designed for a safe sinus lift to aid in the augmentation of the sinus bone.

Dome and Core Drills

  • These drills create the lateral window for lifting the sinus membrane. With a combination of three macro blades and several micro blades, these drills are designed to push bone material toward the sinus membrane, aiding in the lifting of the sinus membrane.

Stopper System

  • The LAS-stopper system allows for more precise control over drill depth, with stoppers of 6 different lengths to prevent over drilling. These stoppers help prevent soft tissue damage.

Wide Dome Drill and Side Wall Drill

  • These drills are designed to enlarge the window made with the dome and core drills.

Innovation 1.

Prevents Perforation of Sinus Membrane

  • Bone chips and bone lid are gathered during the drilling procedure which minimizes direct touch of the drills to the membrane and therefore making window formation much safer

LAS-drills can be drilled from 400 to 800 RPM, allowing it to adapt to several different bone densities. ​


Innovation 2.

Good Accessibility and Convenient Surgery by Stable Drilling Performance

  • The Guide contributes to safe surgery by preventing slips and bounces of the drills
  • Good accessibility of the drills make surgery for sites, that are difficult to approach due to limited space, possible

The easy to use kit is designed to minimise the number of steps involved in a sinus lift technique, reducing overall chair time and reducing complications and patient discomfort.


Innovation 3.

Safe and Easy Way to Form Window

  • Unlike difficult conventional method of using a high speed bur, the LAS drills in combination with the stoppers make window formations for beginner possible

The drill design is highly versatile, allowing it to be used on sinus floors that are flat, inclined or over a septum.


Components of LAS KIT


1) Dome Drill

  • Window is created by grinding bone in a quick and easy manner without membrane damage
  • Cutting force is enhanced by the combination of Macro and Micro cutting blades

2) Stopper

  • Controls the drilling depth of the CAS drills for safe membrane lifting
  • The numbers on the stoppers indicate the height of the components’ protruded part
  • Different color codings by length

3) Side Wall Drill

  • Enlarges the window which was formed with a Dome drill
  • Cutting blades start from 1mm below the tip
  • The tip’s dome-shape design prevents damages to the membrane

4) Core Drill

  • Forms window in a quick and easy way, as it generates bone lid without damaging the membrane
  • Bone chips are gathered between the cutting blades

5) Bone Separator

  • Removes the bone lid that gets stuck in the core drill



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